Monday, May 10, 2004

I didn't forget

Highlights from my Mother's Day phone call yesterday:

Me: How's everyone doing, Mom?

Mom: Your sister hasn't wished me a Happy Mother's day yet.

Me: Is she doing anything with you today?

Mom: No, she's spending Mother's Day with her mother-in-law.

Me: I'm sorry.

Mom: Don't feel sorry for me. She'll show her head when she needs to borrow money or have me babysit the kids.

Me: Then ignore her.

Mom: Kind of hard to do when she lives next door.

Then this exchange happened a couple of minutes later:

Mom: Your stepfather finally bought me a washer and dryer.

Me: That's nice.

(background noise)

Mom: It's not on until this evening, sweetie.

Me: What was that all about?

Mom: He wants to watch wrestling.

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