Friday, May 28, 2004

Hair of the Dog

Normally I don't advocate riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol. Actually, that's never a good thing. If it means anything I was sober by the time I pedaled to North and Clybourn last night. The combination of exercise and the chilly night flashed all the alcohol out of my bloodstream and made my nipples hard the entire ride home.

The writer's group was pretty good last night. The Bosworth Mob is far ahead of where Write Club is right now. But they also meet more frequently, as well. I tried to get some of them to come with me to the Hideout to see Kelly Hogan, but they decided to get a beer elsewhere.

Speaking of Ms. Hogan, goddamn was she good last night!! The Hideout was packed to see her and her amazing band, the Wooden Leg. It's her and an organ trio playing old soul, R&B, jazz, and torch songs. People kept recognizing me and buying me beers. In short order I became one of those buzzed assholes who screams out requests that the band cannot possibly play. Though, to be fair, I thought that they might have had a version of Annie Ross' "Twisted" worked up.

What parts of my body that weren't tingling from the Bell's Oberon were brought up to speed by the band's fiery working of "Kiddio", a Brook Benton cover. I was so stoked that I recognized the song that I was walking up to everyone I knew slurring, "She just dropped some knowledge", like Kelly Hogan was the second coming of Chuck D or something. Once I made it home I burned the remnants of alcohol from my system rifling through my album collection looking for "Brook Benton's Greatest Hits" and hoping to Christ that I didn't donate it to charity. Once I found it I put it in the cd player and passed out, like numerous times before.

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