Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Bloodstream Like Petroleum Sludge

Been weaning myself away from meat in recent weeks, in preparation for finally saddling back up full time for a bicycle commute. Then I willingly and gladly slid back to the Greek combo plate and saganaki at Central Gyros, followed by brunch at the Publican today (if you missed the live twitter stream of both Paul Kahan and Ellen Malloy, smack yourselves very hard across the cheeks right now). I'll be recapping that in full Tuesday or Wednesday, along with photos from a long-lost former Chicagoista. In fact, we're going to have a few restaurant reviews this wek.

I'm 3 slices of bacon away from having enough grease to re-season the new cast-iron skillet and grill I bought at Pete's Fresh Market last week. A cast iron skillet is a kitchen necessity and I'm resigned to not getting Mom's when she passes. I bought the grill because I could; I like grill marks on my meats, even in winter.

Congratulations to Scott and Art. You both know why.