Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Year of "Hi, How are You?"

AT&T Building in Sepia
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Since "The Year of the Squeaky Wheel" was so successful, I've thought about it and decided that 2K8 would be the year of "hi, how are you?" I'm not the best person to take the lead and introduce myself to others, or keep in touch with friends. This is a concerted effort to become more sociable.

So far, it's worked. On New Year's Day I met Steve Dolinsky, ABC 7's "Hungry Hound." Really nice guy, and I respect his work even more once I found out that he has to pull teeth to get an intern to help him research story ideas at the station. Likewise, he was impressed and flabbergasted to find out that Chicagoist staffers don't get paid for the reviews we do.

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