Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Your Immortalized As a Cartoon, You KNow You've Made It

And doesn't that make me look like a cross between Alice Cooper and a Terry Gilliam animation?

Time Out Chicago's latest issue focuses on blogs (I don't know why either). Anyway, I was asked to sit on a panel discussion with other online and print critics in an online chat about what it takes to be a critic. The highlight for me (besides being included) was finding out that someone shot at Sun-Times rock music critic Jim Derogatis after he broke the story about R. Kelly, his videotaped dalliances with underage girls and his penchant for watersports. Not that I want to see any harm happen to DeRo; I just find it shocking that someone would go to that length to do shit like that.

Anyway, it's a good chat, and a couple other Chicagoist folks are profiled in the issue.

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Anonymous said...

that is too damn cute... Yam