Saturday, January 05, 2008

Big Pimpin'

Nothing Says Peace Like A Church in Winter
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I've been remiss in the freelance linkage lately:

  • I stopped using my credit cards for Time Out Chicago for two weeks at a time when I really could have used them. Check out the results.

  • I also managed to get my downstairs neighbor and sometimes partner-in-crime Sue featured in TOC's "God" issue. She wasn't too thrilled that the text didn't seem to be in her actual voice. As a writer being edited by someone else, you learn to live with it. Besides, an editor's job is to make your writing better.

  • The requisite annual food piece about good luck foods ran in this week's Sun-Times. The lynch pin to that article was talking with Professor Bruce Kraig of the Culinary Historians of Chicago, an invaluable wealth of information.

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