Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trying to Forget the Early 90's (And Late 80's)

Spending the weekend in working through a stomach virus. There are better things in life than running to the bathroom every half-hour to drop a soupy deuce. Like, everything. But the worst is past and even Mom called in unannounced because she had a feeling that something was wrong with me. I just told her that it was a really bad case of gas.

I haven't always been a paragon of refined taste. It has taken some mistakes along the way to get to where I am. 'Course, if I'm still using phrases like "soupy deuce" there's probably a ways to go still.

Case in point: during my military service I listened to a lot of, well, crap music. Bands like Extreme, for example:

And they're getting back together, too. Who asked for that?

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smussyolay said...

i was at a wedding last weekend. as i went to the bathroom, i passed a space that was holding a prom. coming from the room was some version of 'more than words' with some sort of dance mix beat underneath it. i instantly felt old.