Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Going on a Field Trip

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Something of a busman's holiday today, as I'm finding myself waiting for invoices to be processed. The thing I'm having a hard time reconciling about freelancing is the feeling that I'm accomplishing nothing, even when I know I'm not. I'll sit here, pitching, working the phones, researching pieces and filing notes, but until a check comes in, it's like hedging a bet.

I'm getting better at pitching stories, in that so far I've only had one idea shot down that I thought was a slam dunk idea from numerous perspectives. But it's a hustle, one that I have no idea how some of my friends have done for years.

So that's why I only answered one e-mail yesterday and spent most of the day in the back yard, pruning, mowing the lawn, and grilling. The Jewel by my house is closing on Thursday, so I loaded up on basics for twenty bucks, like eggs, milk, and chicken. I'm waiting to see if they cut the price of char-wood, then I'll load up for the 15th and that little get-together I'm planning.

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