Monday, August 27, 2007

You Hear the Most Amazing Things at "Little City Hall"

Broadway at Dusk 2
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You don't know if it's boasting, or if the the bloated old guy talking about what happened forty years ago under the 38th Street "viadock" was actually backing it up, but it was enough to let me surrender my Early Times to the ice and head to Mitchell's, where I and Our Man in Chicago proceeded to watch the White Sox bend over like good little submissives, drink good beer, discuss the DC and Marvel universes, and gawk at the bug-eyed beauty of Tracee Ellis Ross while watching Girlfriends reruns on the plasma screen.

Enjoy Dream Boogie, Mr. Smith.

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Our Man In Chicago said...

After I heard the words "They never did solve that murder," I was really glad when you suggested we leave.

Other than that, it was a lovely afternoon though I need to remember that Skull Splitter has 8 percent alcohol, not the usual 5-6.