Saturday, September 08, 2007

Be Thankful For...

  • Chicken fresh off the grill, sliced thin for club sandwiches, and seasoned with West Town Tavern's proprietary barbecue rub
  • Checks for invoices that come in when you absolutely need them
  • Running unexpectedly into friends at the most unlikely of places, shopping for ties while you look for a KitchenAid mixer
  • A dog that never begs too much for table scraps
  • Fresh tomatoes and basil
  • Football season
  • A mother who understands, even when you know she's lying
  • The seventeen-ounce margaritas at this place Sue and I found the other night on Blue Island after grocery shopping
  • Bridgeport Coffee House's "Stockyard Blend"
  • Starting to get the hang of pitching story idea to editors
  • Running into friends on Myspace you never thought you'd see again
  • The free contraband delicacy at a restaurant I'll be reviewing on Chicagoist later this month
  • Homemade grilled sweet corn and mango salsa
  • Chilaquiles al Gualjilo.
  • Stupid lists. I'd never get anything done without them.

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