Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Mad Doctor

Fiesta Del Sol in Black-and-white
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I'm testing out a grilled pizza recipe this afternoon in preparation for the annual movie night and barbecue I'm throwing in a couple weeks. If I like the results, I'll post them here first.

In the meantime I have to rave about the new Soulive record, incidentally the first new release on the re-launched Stax Records label. Soulive is one of those bands that just burns in concert, but their records left a lot to be desired. The energy and fierceness of their live show never translated. They've added this vocalist named Toussaint, which forced the Evans Brothers and Eric Krasno to structure their songs into more concise pieces for vocals. In other words, they dropped recording all the jam band noodling that turned me off from their records. It almost sounds like a completely different band, but better.

This new record, "No Place Like Soul", simply sounds fierce. Check it out.

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