Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stumbling Into Good Things

A few weeks back I reviewed the new Half Acre Lager on Chicagoist, which promoted the usual mix of sincere commentary and bullshit flame bait that accompanies the articles these days. I've got an article in today's Sun-Times which was the result of an interview I conducted with Half Acre point man Gabriel Magliaro. We discussed his decisions to start a beer company and brew the beer on contract at a Wisconsin brewery, while Magliaro went into detail behind his fascination, love of craft brewing and his hopes for the company. But the proof's in the pudding, and Half Acre is a damn tasty beer. It's a dark lager, with lots of Munich malt and Saaz hops. It tastes like an India Pale ale, but doesn't have an ale's weight

Half Acre so far has been limited to Wicker Park, but Magliaro's working hard with the distributor (Chicago Beverage Systems) to find as many placements for the beer as possible. Lucky for us in Bridgeport that CBS distributes down here; the beer territories in the city are even more gerrymandered than ward or congressional district maps. So if you're a regular at Mitchell's, Catcher's, Skylark or Bernice's, start lobbying for them to carry Half Acre.

This month is also Illinois Wine Month, and I've compiled an extensive listing of events tied in with it at Centerstage. The event I definitely plan on attending is the Lynfred Winery Oktoberfest, barring service cuts and fare hikes on Metra.

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