Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Zen and the Art of Protecting Your Parking Space In Winter

The following is a list of items I spotted being used to save parking spots in da wunnerful Bridgeport neighborhood this morning:

  • Folding chairs
  • lawn tables
  • milkcrates
  • stolen traffic cones
  • sawhorses
  • laundry hampers
  • trash cans
  • a shell from an air conditioner
  • a hat rack
  • a Weber grill
  • cardboard boxes
  • a dead ficus
  • a wheelbarrow
  • PVC pipe
  • empty five-gallon paint cans
  • An Apple computer
  • a broken computer monitor
  • an artist's easel
  • a crib
  • a bassinet
  • one pair of galoshes
  • velvet rope queues
  • street signs and posts wrapped in police tape
  • a Sport utility vehicle-sized baby stoller nearly the size of the economy-sized car whose spot it's filling
  • beer kegs
  • barstools
  • vacuum cleaners
  • a china cabniet
  • various scrap wood
  • a snow shovel
  • used snow tires
  • three car batteries
  • fruit crates
  • one bag of street salt
  • a school desk
  • various lamps
We don't have much faith in the Honor system here during winter.

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