Saturday, January 22, 2005

Maybe I should build an igloo...

The windows in my living room are fogged up- a result of my running both fireplaces on medium for a half-hour. Now my apartment is like Quizno's: mmm, mmm, mmm... Toasty!!!

I knew when I was moving into this apartment that I was getting a working fireplace in the living room. I was completely shocked to find when I did the final walk-through that the landlord had installe a second, hearth-style fireplace in the kitchen. Reading up on these fireplaces I discovered that both of them contain carbon monoxide sensors that extinguish their pilot lights when a noticeable lack of oxygen is detected. How cool is that? I can let them run and not accidentally kill myself. After noticing how quickly they removed the chill in my apartment I think I'll be running them as more than mere decorations in the upcoming weeks.

From the windows that aren't laced with condensation I can see that we're getting a lot of lake effect snow swirling in the air with the shifting wind. I'm supposed to see Cornmeal at Martyrs this evening, but am working an early shift at HotHouse first. It's a tango exhibition that even in this weather is supposed to draw a packed house. I'm genuinely frightened for the safety of many of them getting there. We had 150 people show up for last night's exhibition, and that was before the snow started to drop like it was weighted. The typical five-minute cab ride home last night turned into twenty. I witnessed three spinouts last night- and that was just at the Archer Avenue Metra underpass.

As a rule I can tell how serious the snowfall is being taken by the city if I see the snow trucks idling at Archer and Halsted. Last night there were none, which told me that the trucks were on the expressways and Lake Shore Drive vainly trying to keep the main arteries to the city clear. So I wonder how many of the advanced ticket reservations will actually brave the rough travel conditions to come downtown this evening.

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