Monday, January 17, 2005

Best... Episode... In... Years...

that was what I thought of last night's episode of The Simpsons. In the space of twenty-two minutes, the writers managed to skewer the prescription drug lobby, corporate America, Conservative Christians, the Department of Homeland Security,racial profiling, and the Fox Network, while also paying homage to classic Disney live action adventures of the 1960's.

The highlight of the episode was a two scene sequence where, after a drug run in Canada involving Homer, Abe, Apu, and Ned, they come across Ned's Canadian Doppelganger. this leads to an extended stereo sequence of "okeley-dokeleys", Perfectly groomed Tom of Finland mustaches, and a tempting offer by the doppelganger which leads to Ned honoring a classic line from "Broadcast News". That segues into a border incident with a turba-wearing Apu that was hilarious.

That more than made up for the mild disappointment of not seing Neko Case and the Sadies Friday night. Well, that and drinking at Ginger Man Friday night. Not really feeling up to the task of looking for spare tickets in single digit cold weather, we opted for the safe comfort of seats at the bar, ogling the same bartender whose breasts seemed to defy gravity. While my partner-in-crime kept pounding back beers, I was nursing Knob Creek most of the evening. Midnight came and I made sure she made it to a cab.

I also had the honor of seeing some wonderfu sketch and improv comedy in honor of the King Day holiday, although what was onstage at times with the "pimprovisation" was just wrong. The sketch comedians did a caustic send-up of the crass co-opting of King's birthday for commercial gain with a Bay Furniture parody ("No payments or interest until 2008. It's like reparations!!") that was amazing.

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