Friday, January 14, 2005


I was supposed to hae tickets to see Neko Case and the Sadies this evening, but the person who bought the tickets misplaced them. So I'll be heading out to Metro after this to scalp for tickets. In fifteen-degree weather.

On top of that the chicken rice soup I just made has too much dill and not enough pepper in the broth. I'm hoping letting it settle mixes the herbs and spices better.

But I did have a killer bath this evening thanks to my new guilty pleasure: bath ballistics by Lush. I was given one as a gift last week, dropped it in the tub once I was settled, and it was almost as good as having sex. Yes, I said almost. Still waters run deep, alright? So I've bathed, moisturized, fed myself, and am ready to tackle the cold looking for extra tickets to a concert I was supposed to already have tickets for. At least the faint aroma of mangoes will fill my nostrils in the cool night air this evening thanks to the shea butter I massaged into my skin like jerk seasoning.

Ah, well. I can use any form of excitement in my life right now.

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