Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm taking a plunge and adopting a dog. She's a Carver pitbull breed, currently goes by the name of "poochie." I met her last night and she's on the short list of gentle pit bulls I've encountered.

Actually, she is the list.

I went into meeting her with a bit of trepidation, her being a pit bull and all, with the breed's reputation. Her owner is going through some personal problems and wanted to make sure she gets a good home (an aside: if I were going through some personal issues I would want to have something in my life that loves me unconditionally, like a dog. Or a mother.)

She seemed a bit disoriented during the encounter. It makes sense since the dog is, for all intents, homeless. But I agreed to give her a trial run in my apartment and am just waiting for the call to have her dropped off here.

After meeting the dog I did some reading on pit bulls. What I found was that they tend to be very loyal dogs, great for children, and extremely energetic. They play rough, which is why pit bulls are a preferred choice for the comestains who train them for fighting. I'm also taking her to combat my fear of this breed. I hope it works out.

So I've got chew toys, treats, chow and water bowls set up for when she arrives. Now my only obstacle is the name. Since she answers to "Poochie" I think I'll just take it that name to the extreme and rename her "Dog." It'll be a great conversation piece at the dog park during summer:

"That's a beautiful dog. What's her name?"


"Yes, I know that's a dog. What's her name?"


"No. What's your dog's name?"

"Her name is 'Dog.'"

"You named your dog 'dog?'"


And sometimes I wonder why I'm single.

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