Friday, July 02, 2004

Second City My Ass!!: "Those Are Fireworks Exploding Over Lake Michigan, Not Bombs" Edition

For those of you inclined to stay in town this weekend and help "Spider-Man 2" reach a $200 million box office in six days, here are some other things to do over the weekend:


- The Gene Siskel Film Center hosts a 70th anniversary tribute to the Three Stooges starting today. Great!! Now I can impress art fags, film snobs, and hipsters with my theory of Shemp Howard as the all-purpose Stooge.

- More movie madness: At the Music Box you can choose between a 50th anniversary restored print of Godzilla (no Raymond Burr), weekend matinees of Orson Welles' A Touch Of Evil (Charlton Heston as a Mexican), and midnight screenings of Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke (the "Ajax Lady" scene still cracks my ass up), or the x-rated "Hard Candy" (the Lollipop Girls and John Holmes in 3-D)


- Gotta represent the South Side this weekend at the African/Caribbean International Festival of Life. At $25 for a four day pass, it's one of the biggest steals of the weekend (unless you sneak in to see "Hard Candy" at the Music Box)

- The highlight of this day's line-up at Fitzgerald's American Music Festival is the amazing Drive-By Truckers. Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men will also play this night and Sunday.

- From the "What the fuck happened to them?" File: Poi Dog Pondering headline this evening's music line-up at Naperville Ribfest


- Can't get enough of Berwyn this weekend: Go back and read yesterday's post about the Roscoe Trio at Fitzgerald's.

- An Independence Day tradition for me is a bike ride to the Garfield Park Conservatory. Or you can take the train.

Have a great holiday. Rest in Peace Marlon Brando.

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