Tuesday, July 13, 2004

If I Was Any Stickier, I'd Be Considered Candy...

that's how damn muggy it is tonight. I'm waiting for the humidity to break- it was supposed to rain already. I don't want to put an air conditioner in the window until absolutely neccessary. Which I'm figuring is mid-August. So until then I'm taking lukewarm showers and camping out underneath the ceiling fan in the living room, turning on lights only when needed.

Jukebox: The Legendary Sun Records Story, Blacklisted by Neko Case, Flaming Red by Patty Griffin, and The Duel by Allison Moorer

Reading: Dress Your Kids In Corduroy And Denim by David Sedaris and Your Vigor For Life Appalls Me: Robert Crumb Letters 1958-1977

I've been at my current place of employment for five years. I like it; if not I wouldn't have been there this long. Still, when drama comes down in sheets I get the resume ready. Last week, when I was out with friends at the Hideout, I was reassured that my bosses appreciated the job I did. Lord knows that there have been times when my mouth could have written checks that my ass can't cash.

I've had to listen for the past two days to someone who was let go (her last day is today.) I wrote about this person last week. According to her the person who fired her did it in a way that I can only qualify as "chickenshit." He tried to take the Pontious Pilate route and lay blame on other people. It's something I take offense to because in his effort to make himself look like the good guy in all this he made numerous people look bad and came across as deceitful. I'm going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut tomorrow.

Now the person who's been fired and I fundamentally clash with each other. Still, she trusts me to shoot straight, and asked me if I thought she wasn't a good at her job. Naturally, I gave her my opinions about her work ethic and then some.

This was something I should not have done as she's thin-skinned. So she starts right back railing my litany of faults and character flaws. I didn't want to get into a pissing contest, so I let her vent. When she was done I told her in a reasoned tone that regardless of my problems or occasional attitude, I still do my job. That was what separated us.

We agreed to disagree. Well, I did. She didn't want to drop the discussion until she heard what she wanted to hear from me. Again, this is one of her problems- a problem that most self-absorbed people have. They only see the things they want to see and dismiss the rest as rubbish.

She's going to London for a month, so I don't think she's hurting. And although letting her go might have been the right thing to do it could have been handled with more grace under pressure.

And I've polished my resumes once again in case this turns into a headhunt.

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