Saturday, July 10, 2004

More Notes From Thursday Night...

I forgot to write in the last post. Hideout co-owner Tim Tuten made some announcements from the stage. One of which was a voter registration initiative happening next week at the Hideout, Empty Bottle, Schuba's, and Delilah's. It's a wonderful gesture and Tuten's cache with the Wicker Park Hipsters should help to make it successful.

I was a bit curious to one comment Tuten made regarding the initiative. It could be meant as a joke, but I think there's some truth to it. Tuten said, "I think most hipsters secretly vote Republican, anyway. So let's try to get you to vote the other way this year." I wonder if they vote at all.

No "Second City My Ass" this week. You're all resourceful enough to make your own fun. Have a great weekend.

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