Sunday, June 22, 2008

That Kind of Weekend

Andre Williams with The Sadies 3
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The one thing that makes me feel old quicker than being outside the L&L Tavern at 2 a.m. is being inside the L&L Tavern at 2 a.m. I know things change, but back when I used to live up north I could count on the L&L being filled with barflies and theater folks at last call.

Not anymore.

Anyway, I and a few friends wound up there Friday night after seeing the Sadies at Schubas. The Sadies are great live, but you can pretty much count on seeing a guest appearance onstage by Jon Langford any time they come to town. What extra bang we got for our buck included guest appearances by Sally Timms and the great Andre Williams.

Lucky I packed my camera and managed to snap some shots (above is one of a few with Williams singing with the Sadies). The set's up on flickr, if you want to peruse 'em. I'm so glad I bought this new camera.

Tonight, after working on edits for some work I picked up from Time Out Chicago and fleshing out the week's food and drink coverage on Chicagoist, I'll be editing shots from Taste of Randolph Street, where Drive-By Truckers and Bobby Bare, Jr. brought the house down, I ran into more people than I thought I would and helped someone with her stated goal of getting blind stinking drunk before her gig last night. How I found the energy for a glass of cotes du rhone at the Tasting Room after, I don't know.

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