Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Short Drive to 40 Begins

Cucumber Soju at Kohan
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The main problem with a three-day weekend is that it ends too quickly and you wind up thinking of other things you wanted to do after it's gone. I still managed to do a lot, like drink for cheap, drink for cheap, and drink for cheap.

Being a food writer there was also dinners and photos involved. The best thing I did this weekend, however, had to have been getting a massage.

I hadn't had a good thorough massage in ages and forgot how amazing a great one could feel. It's like a reset of your whole body. For an hour Friday afternoon, by body was a set on a complete F5.

If there was anything about the massage that gave me pause it was a rather odd compliment that the masseuse gave me twenty minutes in, as she started working on my legs.

She starts poking me in the buttocks and said, "You have a nice ass." I was in the middle of bliss, so I responded, "Thank you." That was followed by my realizing what she said. Then I asked, "What?"

She repeated her statement. "You have a nice ass."

I know I do; I work hard for it. I just found it odd that she should bring it up.

Anyway, I walked out feeling no pain at all. The following day, waking up with a hangover and at Morning yoga I was able to reach positions I have a hard time reaching.

Like I said, never discount the feeling of a good massage. If you have a nice ass, even better.

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