Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Chat With People About Vapid Things

Our Man in Chicago: Mmm...Anne Hathaway
The uncomplicated Man's Angelina Jolie
me: The uncomplicated Man's Angelina Jolie?
OMIC: Yeah. All of the hotness and smokiness, none of the complications (mild weirdness, desire for a million kids from various countries)
Also, married
me: There's nothing smoky about Anne Hathaway.
She's a brunette version of Betty from the "Archie" comics.
me: Hot, yeah.
Smoky, not so much.
Unless she goes for one of those Reese Witherspoon post-breakup makeovers, then...
All bangs, Pilates and push-up bras
I could deal then

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Our Man In Chicago said...

I would just like to point out that this IM convo was spurred by CC's Gchat status message noting Ms. Hathaway's newly single status. I don't start conversations about Hollywood starlets unbidden.

Also, I maintain she has a level of smokiness.