Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad Thin Lizzy Cover Theater

I've always wondered why there aren't any Thin Lizzy tribute bands. It can't be that hard to find light-skinned black man with wild eyes and an unruly natural who plays bass to impersonate Phil Lynott. I personally think a Thin Lizzy tribute band would go over like gangbusters on St. Patrick's Day and eventually make bagpipe bands obsolete.

Until then, I'll have to salve my wounds with suspect covers from aging hair metal bands, like this cover of "Suicide" from Europe. Actually, with John Norum handling the lead guitar duties this version isn't as bad as Def Leppard's cover of "Don't Believe a Word" from their covers album a few years back.

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Our Man In Chicago said...

Tin Lynott is a local Thin Lizzy cover band. They play out alot. Say the word, and we'll go.