Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Have Readers, Apparently

Or, at least, someone who doesn't like Jay Mariotti, either. Thanks to Chicago Media Monitor for the tip of the hat regarding last week's Mariotti post. If you're a fan of reading on the workings of local media, CMM and Phil Rosenthal's new Tribune column are must-reads.

I can guess that CMM was hipped to this place either through a reader or a search. I've long stated my aversion to hit counters and comments. The former is a sign of vanity and the latter allows chickenshits to snark with anonymity. Anyway, whoever alerted CMM to the site, thank you.

Tuesday night I had a dull throb in my lower back, around my kidneys. I didn't think much about it; figuring I hadn't taken in enough water I hade sure I got my suggested amount and went to bed. When I woke up yesterday I literally could not get out of bed, to the dog's chagrin.

I've got a high tolerance for pain, but this was unbearable. It felt like the pain shifted every time I shifted position in bed. If I was on my side, the pain was there. If I was flat on my backm the pain was there. I went through the options in my head- everything from back pain to kidney infection to appendicitis. The pain's better today, but I'm still walking around very carefully.

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