Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Everything Evens Out For Me In The End"

That quote from "Seinfeld" just about summarizes what's been happening the past few days. I've been balls busy at work, here at home, and catching up on soem things before I roll two weeks worth of laundry out of the house.

In a nostalgic moment tuesday I bought a copy of the new Def Leppard retrospective "Rock Of Ages: The Definitive Collection." If you're the type of person who pays attention to music and movie critics in choosing whether or not to spend your moeny, you probably deserve the torment you constantly find yourself in.

So, in an attempt to not steer you worng, just trust me when I say you might be better off going to iTunes, eMusic, kazaa, or whatever torrent/file sharing service you prefer and put amend disc 2 so that "Photograph"and "Stagefright" from Pyromania are represented.

Disc 2 mainly culls tracks from the time in Def Leppard's history when drummer Rick Allen had two arms and the band as a whole had enough "testicular virility" to kill a bull elephant. Songs like "Rock Brigade", "Wasted", and a surprisingly hard-rocking cover of badfinger's "No Matter What" show a hunger the band lacked once Hysteria took off and shot the band into the stratosphere.

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