Thursday, January 29, 2004

End-of-week notes

I've been waking up early the past two days. Early as in six a.m. I'm doing this in an effort to fight cabin fever and the depression that accompanies it. Having decided long ago never to take meds to fight depression (a story for another time), I've found over the years that keeping busy has been the best tonic to get out of the doldrums. Luckily I have a nice backlog of work to tide me over until this weather breaks.

I've got one interview and some record reviews to turn in to Jazz Review. Then I'm gonna turn in my resignation there to focus on Make Magazine and helping Write Club Chicago obtain its NPO status. The Speak Easy series seems to be building steam and developing into what I originally envisioned quicker than the timeline I predicted last year. I'm already receiving blind queries from people interested in reading or performing at the May show. After I post this I'll go answer some e-mail about that.

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