Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Was Wrong

When I said that Sarah Palin was "Dan Quayle with a vagina." The more that's discovered about her - the seccessionist party of which she was once a member; her outright lies about being a reformer and opposing the "Bridge to Nowhere;" her political pettiness; her demand to inject religion into her governing - the more Palin goes from "unqualified" to downright scary.

Which leads me to last night's speech. Never mind that McCain's handlers had to re-write it because they didn't want it sounding "masculine" (another indicator that they rashly picked Palin for the ticket) or that Palin paralleled her rise in politics to that of Harry S Truman.

What should frighten you is the way the GOP tried to place Obama's experience as a community organizer as a negative (we're also looking at you, Giuliani) when one of the strengths the McCain campaign touts about Palin is her work with her local PTA.

Isn't the PTA a community organization?

Anyway, I had to re-watch the speech online last night because I couldn't believe what I heard. I get the feeling that McCain chose "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS" as his running mate. Can't wait to hear how many times McCain uses the phrase "POW" tonight.

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