Monday, September 01, 2008

Hood/Cooley '08

So I spent the Labor Day holiday running errands, going to manufactured street festivals in manufactured neighborhoods, eating scrapple at Ina's, gnashing my teeth while tolerating shopping at Target and Pete's Fresh Market, painting the home office a wonderful shade of sagebrush and hanging the newly framed posters. I don't update here as often as I'd like, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Then I get home, log online and read the day of stunning Sarah Palin disclosures. Way to vet her, McCain campaign. As it has throughout this long Presidential campaign, once again in the argument of Barack Obama's judgment versus the "experience" factor of his opponent, Obama's judgment wins out, as I pointed out to my friend Sue after brunch.

I'd jump for joy at all the revelations but I learned not to underestimate the half of the country that twice elected the Bush/Cheney ticket into office. As Erin pointed out in her twitter feed, the GOP will turn this into a positive.

They already are. Saturday night I'm on the train home from seeing Chaplin's "City Lights" at Bank of America cinema in Portage Park (an aside: I own the movie on DVD, but there's something about watching it in a crowded theater that's just magical.) and two guys are talking about the Palin choice. They were looking at a photo of the Alaska governor holding a rifle and hooting, "Boy, she don't let those titties get in the way of handling that gun, does she?"

Between that and the announcement that Palin's daughter "decided" to "have her baby and marry the child's father" (as though Bristol Palin really had a choice), one can't say that the GOP doesn't know their base. Only in America can someone go from beauty queen to sports anchor to VPCILF and future GRILF.

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