Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why I Have a Home Bar

Clown Arm Wrestling
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Between my hard drive crashing under the weight of a fucked-up registry and a urinary tract infection Emmy developed over the weekend I'm just glad to see the weekend in sight. Deadlines are finished, for the most part, I have some more work in the hopper and a possible job interview in the works.

But the double whammy of the hard drive and Emmy threw me into crisis mode. The former started up last week, when I downloaded a virus somehow that just infected the hard drive with trojans. My friend Brian came through with a copy of the installer that he gave me when I installed XP, but it wasn't enough. I had to uninstall everything and start from scratch. The silver lining in all this is that the reboot didn't delete my music library or, more important, my writing.

Emmy started peeing blood Sunday, thick enough that I didn't hesitate to wait until Monday to take her to my regular vet. So I called a cab and loaded the two of us up for the ride to the Emergency vet on Clybourn. Thank God for CareCredit, otherwise I don't know what would have happened. Some Clamavox and antibiotics and Emmy was feeling better by Tuesday.

All this overshadowed a chance encounter with a reader of this site, which shocked the hell out of me as I didn't think anyone outside of folks I know read this. This particular reader is working on a piece for the Tribune Sunday magazine about the Stearns Quarry, which is now the future nature preserve across the street from McGuane Park. I referred him over to B News, as they have the native history on the quarry he might need for his piece.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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QuietlyGoingMad said...

Sorry to hear Emmy's not feeling well...hope she's back to her lovable self soon.

oh, and sorry 'bout the hard drive too. I had not two hard drives crash on me at work within 6 weeks of each other--it sucked in more ways than I could ever iterate!

Happy Turkey Day (a little early)