Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Scott and I had an e-mail exchange yesterday about, of all things, the Spice Girls, and my contention that Melanie C (aka "Sporty") turned out to not only be the most talented one of the bunch, but the hottest one, as well (Scott readily admitted that while Ginger was his favorite, her junky trunk had turned into a "hatchback"). Don't believe me? Take a look at the reunion photos and see for yourself.

Then I was goofing around You Tube a couple days ago, before a trojan I inexplicably downloaded nearly crashed my hard drive, and I found this which is currently getting heavy rotation on the sudoPod:

And then there's this. While I can take or leave the song, it reinforces my argument about Ms. Chisholm's hotness (I'm miming cat claws right now):

Finally, I'm all over the new Angie Stone record, which is a great addition to the newly re-launched Stax Records. Check this out:

Now I really have to get back to work.

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