Friday, May 11, 2007

From the Archives

Some months ago I purchased a Fujica ST605N SLR camera from a thrift store, and just got around today to putting new batteries in it and loading it with film. Then, after I published my post this morning on Chicagoist, I leashed Emmy and we went for a walk around the nieghborhood, me snapping some shots and getting a feel for the camera as we went along. I loaded it with some high-quality 800 ASA color film from Malelo's camera in the neighborhood.

I have a digital camera, but it has its limitations. Besides, I prefer using film anyway. It's similar to how I prefer driving a stick shift as opposed to an automatic transmission. I feel as though I'm in control of the camera more. With a digital it's easier to use photo editing software to get the desired shot you want. With film, if you mess up, you get the warts, and sometimes some unexpected quality shots.

I took this shot using my favorite camera, a Canon Canonet QL17 rangefinder camera that was a gift from an old friend. It's of Marvin Tate and Gina Black at Gunther Murphys in 2004. Gina was playing with her band at the time, Dead Horse Hill, as part of a triple bill fundraiser for Make: A Chicago Literary Journal. Devin Davis opened and The Like Young headlined. It turned out to be the final thing I did for Make, before we just went along in different directions without talking about it.

Anyhoo, I shoot with black and white film exclusively in the Canonet. With the exposure and aperture settings set perfectly, it takes photos of amazing clarity. All of my Bike New York 2003 photos were shot with the Canonet. After twenty-five miles I was definitely feeling its weight.

Once I'm done shooting the roll of film on the Fujica, I'll start posting some shots from that on the site. Until now, enjoy this shot.

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