Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sleeping on the Couch

Been doing a lot of that lately, too. It isn't depression or S.A.D. I just lie down while watching tv, then the next thing I realize, it's 3 a.m. and I'm confronted with a commercial featuring two dwarfs telling me how I can buy property with no money down. Emmy will be in her chair, paitently waiting for me to put on some shoes and let her out. This morning I did just that and, as she was finishing her business in the park, I heard this blood-curdling scream from the middle of the softball field that turned out to be this guy who uses McGuane for primal scream therapy. At least that's what I told myself the first couple times I saw him. Now, after seeing him stand rock still in a muddy field letting out a scream every five minutes, I may have to revisit that.

Meeting of the minds: The mutual admiration society finally has their tea shop up and running. Two things: It's my new place to get yerba matte (full review up on Chicagoist Monday). Second, it was finally nice to put faces to names on both sides. Give these folks some business and propers.

Former Neighborhood News: God Wafer plays the Red Line Tap this evening. Yo, Gusto! I'll be there.

UGH!!: Found the video below via Gawker, and it's as annoying as one might expect. It actually makes Neal Pollack's Alternadad tolerable. All I can say is that this video might make all my sperm swim a little bit slower.

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