Monday, March 19, 2007

The Clear Channel Blues

When I embedded this player on the blog, I had no idea that every third song would be "Love is a Battlefield." It's either that, some John Coltrane, or an anonymous song by Kaki King or Sharon Jones. All of them great songs, mind you. Just not over and over. This player is like the adult version of playing the Wiggles for your kid.

I'm starting to understand the appeal of satellite radio. In the meantime I'm running Winamp and scrobbling in the hopes of spicing up the player (hey, there's some Los de Abajo following the New Pornographers).

Otherwise, I've been having my own Wiggles moments this weekend, playing random tracks from the Duhks' "Migrations" album over and over. What? You're not hip to the Duhks? You should be. Think of what Nickel Creek might sound like if they developed a taste for hard liquor, soft drugs, and unfortunate tattoos, and you have the Duhks. They're coming to Schubas in May. I might have to pencil in the date.

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