Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Starbeat Presents What's Happening

In what can only be considered lateral thinking, Sue and I - who live minutes away from Soldier Field - decided to take a train to Tinley Park to watch the NFC Championship Sunday at Durbin's. Thirty dollars got us all we could drink and what Bears fans would call a degustation menu: nachos, pizza, and, for me, a tender slab of ribs. Turned out to be larceny by the time the Bears sealed the game up. Anyhoo, the picture above made us wish that we took the train down Friday night to enjoy the LEGAL way to get high.

I'm starting to get into "24" aftre five episodes. So far, the inclusion of (SPOILER WARNING) Jack's brother this week, and father next week have been done to where I'm finding myself going "Ho-ly SHIT!!". Most of my fears that the show was jumping the shark have been laid to rest.

A large part of that can be credited to Paul McCrane, who brings just the right amount of dickishness to his portrayal of Graham Bauer. It has shades of his "ER" character Bob Romano, who was one of the biggest dicks in the history of television
Still, "24" isn't out of the woods yet. The actress portraying Graham's wife is Rena Sofer, whose casting in other shows usually spells cancellation. Hopefully, Sutherland and McCrane do the heavy lifting.

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