Friday, March 24, 2006

Comments About No Comments

Train Bridge
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Michelle at Much Stuff last week wrote briefly of my policy regarding comments on this site with regards to wh she likes comments. As stated before, I don't utilize comments on this site for two reasons:

- if anyone wants to respond to one of my posts they can contact me directly
- it keeps the anonymous slagging from chickenshits to a minimum.

Luckily my spam filters work well or else I'd be inundated with offers of how I could "wake the sleeping giant in my pants." That said, to the handful of you who've contacted me in recent weeks to comment on the Seasoning: thank you. Particularly the kind words from WCIU's George Blaise regarding my Chicagoist work.

And to Michael: I know you'd like me to write more about jazz and blues, but you're gonna have to sift through the political rants to get there; I'm a frustrated borderline Marxist. Like Gil Scott-Heron said nearly forty years ago, the revolution will not be televised.

I also find Chicago blues to be the modern day equivalent to minstrel pandering.

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