Tuesday, March 14, 2006


CNA Tower of Babel
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The CNA building always stands out like it doesn't belong downtown. It was a clear day and I was on my way to the camera store on South Wabash looking for lenses for the my digital (it's only taken a year but I'm finally getting used to it). Anyway at the angle I was viewing the CNA building looked like bridge raised for ships to pass.

Looks like the Puffer's rumor is a reality. This was confirmed by both my Budweiser rep this morning and the moving of the puffer's softball team to Bernice's Place last week. Dave Puffer was putting up a brave face Friday night, saying that they weren't giving up. But it's a dire situation indeed when your softball team up and leaves you dry.

All I want is a place in the neighborhood to get a decent beer after this weekend.

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