Thursday, March 03, 2005

To Clarify: I Only Live In Bridgeport

Found this last night while reading through my e-mail:

"Hey I know you know jokes... I'm supposed to e-mail my teacher by tomorrow morning with a racist joke about latinos. Can you help me out?"

I'm hoping this isn't for a finance class.

Completely missed the Scott H. Biram concert at the Abbey Pub last night as I was wiped out from work, so I stayed at home with some take-in and a night of viewing "Lost" and "The Globe-Hopping Costumed Adventures of Man-Face."

The dog has taught herself a new trick. When she really wnats to go out she'll swing behind me and ram her snout in my ass in an effort to nudge me toward the door. I thought she was just being docile the first time. But Monday nightI turned around and watched as she took a three-step head start and tried to push me forward. I looked down at Emmy and asked what she thought she was doing. Dog just smiled and gave me the green apple quick steps.

I have a dog that qualifies as a member of Mensa on my hands.

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