Thursday, March 31, 2005

That's so 2004

I absoluely love iTunes. It's an amazing program that I find utterly fascinating. In the past week I've been furiously ripping cds onto the iTunes library in preparation for the eventual transfer of said songs to an iPod.

Which leads to a dilemma. The other day as I was bringing Sue's dog back downstairs after a walk she said I should go to one of those sites that offers a free iPod- for that matter, a mac mini, Nordstroms gift card, or other trinkets- if I get five people to sign up and do the same. "I heard about it on 'Fox News in the Morning' and they said it works," Sue said.

I'm hesitant to do so, and not because Tamron Hall recommends it between sips of coffee and makeup touch-ups. While it may work, the whole concept reeks of a pyramid scenario. While I crave an iPod I'm not comfortable giving up my friends' e-mail addresses to do so.

People at work, however...

Anyhoo, I've got over two days worth of music filed under iTunes and haven't even cracked the surface of what I want to transfer. Which leads to the next dilemma- what size iPod should I buy? Do I want a small 4GB model, or do I want to just be a total consumer junkie and get the 60GB behemoth?

Toyota Prius or Ford Explorer?

Super size?

Just how much music do I need to take with me when I visit friends in Nashville, or New York City, or Colorado?

Ah, gluttony! Catch the fever!!

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