Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What now? Now, we wait...

With only minor complications (I was told to remove my KE'04 and "Down With Bush" buttons inside my polling place this morning because I technically was "electioneering"; I resisted the urge to ask if "electioneering" was really a word.) my vote was cast chad-free, unsullied, and unchallengeable.

For the political wonks, concerned voters, and others who want to keep up on the unfolding events head to HotHouse where Chicago Indymedia and Third Coast Press have a command center set up to keep track of updates, voter intimidation, poll results, and maybe some good local hip-hop and punk.

Admission is $10 ($5 with a ballot receipt) but no one will be turned away, which should appeal to the poor, destitute, or the ice water brigade and their grant-funded laptops. Unless, of course, HotHouse meets its legal capacity. Then you're on your own and/or S.O.L.

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