Thursday, March 11, 2004

Winter's Last Gasp

I've been procrastinating on some writing-related things lately so I didn't step out of the house until five this evening. Christ, was it that fucking cold out all day? It was nice to just get lost in actual work for a change. I wrote a nice story that I'll be editing this weekend and possibly posting here once I take it to a couple of critique groups. The next Write Club meeting is in a couple of weeks. I think it's time for some of the core members to start working towards getting published, so the emphasis of the next meeting is on query letters. Anyone who might be interested please e-mail me for details.

Anyhoo, look for some record reviews on Jazz Review in the next week after I've given these albums some time to sink in. Also, on the Speak Easy front, it looks like we'll be hosting another one on May 23rd. It'll once again be at HotHouse and I'm looking to improve on our paid attendance last time.

With regard to Make magazine, a media kit has been written and we'll be approaching funders shortly once we've taken care of the edits. I'm working hard to not get over-enthused. Don't want to jinx things.

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