Thursday, March 18, 2004

Random Thoughts From The Corner of 31st and Halsted, Part 2

So I was crossing the street at 31st and Halsted this afternoon. The light was green for about ten seconds and I was balancing my umbrella and paper when I heard this loud wet skidding on my left. I turned and saw this mini-truck thingy closing fast. I jumped out of the way and turned around. The woman behind the wheel had her hazards blinking like she had to be where she was going right then. Her truck stopped exactly where I was standing in the crosswalk. I stared at the wheels, everything still registering in my head. "You asshole!" I yelled. She glanced at me, threw out an apology, and skidded onto 31st Street, hazards blazing in the haze.

I finished crossing the street and gave myself a few moments to let everything. I never thought for a moment that the truck could've thrown me out into the intersection if she hit me.

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