Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scenes From The Weekend

Liza: Finger Lickin' Good
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So I went with a few others to a party Friday night where the host was rolling these obscenely fat joints. I mentioned to Peg more than once that they looked like the types of joints white dudes roll when they hit Jamaica for the first time. I swear they were as thick as lipstick tubes or giant pens. Yesterday, as the fog lifted from my head, I started to realize that those things looked like the kind of joints you see in anti-drug videos. Either the kind of joints straight people imagine stoners smoke, or the ones you see in stoner comedies. But these were real and packed tight with sweet leaf.

They were also so thick - and so many of them being rolled - that I'm fairly certain that everyone who didn't puff still received a pretty sizable contact high. More than once I had to retreat to the back porch, where we met this woman in the picture.

Her name was Liza and when I was formally introduced to her she was regaling Voit with stories of how she used to party with Prince and tearing into a tub of cream puffs that were on the porch ('cause you need a lot of munchies when you're rolling obscenely fat joints). The host of the party hired a band to play in his living room, and Liza would interject her vocals during the sets. I'm not certain what she sang, but I was guessing it was improvised, and it did sound good.

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