Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Good Week

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Today we play a game called "Bridgeport or Suburbia?" I took this shot a few weeks back (and I'm not a fan of my wide angle lens, as an aside; the macros fuzz up the corners), and you get to guess whether I took it in Bridgeport or the suburbs.

As a freelancer I'm used to having to rob from Peter to pay Paul, but everyone I've done work for has fallen behind in invoicing lately. I've become accustomed to it with Time Out Chicago (particulary if it's a food or drink-related story), but the usually reliable Sun-Times has now fallen behind. As Laura said the other day, "I'm trying to be zen about it." Unfortunately zen doesn't pay the bills. But after frantic e-mails I've been assured that the invoices have been routed, so I'll either wait for one of the checks to roll in or my first paycheck from the law firm on Wednesday. Until now I'll just have to make do with the growler of 312 I have in my fridge

Neighborhood readers unite: the folks at B News are prepping for their 2nd Annual neighborhood pub quiz next Sunday. It's tentatively scheduled to be at Bernice's , depending on response. But it is a firm 7 p.m. start.. IF any of you are like me and want some idea of the neighborhood history, or just want to meet your neighbors, come out.

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