Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Slow Week

After the hectic weekend, running around, getting the backyard ready for company, and grilling like a fiend, it's nice to have sort of a slow week, for a change. By Saturday night I was exhausted. As usual, I bought way too much stuff for a gathering. So we moved the beer can chicken to Sunday (word of advice: use a honey bourbon glaze for the skin), and I now have plenty of leftovers.

Monday night was spent eating foie gras right before the city's ban on the delicacy takes effect. Alderman Joe Moore, who speahheaded the ordinance, looked absolutely clueless when asked to defend the ordinance on "Chicago Tonight" this evening. The question was asked, "If Mayor Daley hadn't lost power, would this ban had passed?" And everyone said no. It should be noted that Mayor Daley hasn't "lost power", he's busy running damage control after the Hired Truck scandal, violating the Shakman decree, and having his patronage chief convicted in a City Hall hiring scandal. But, like Don Rumsfeld said in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion, "Democracy is sometimes messy."

And also lacking in common sense.

I'll be heading down to Nashville this weekend to see my friends Harry and Monika, and their darling daughter Lily. The last time I was down there they enlisted my brawn in moving into their new home. I'm hoping to keep manual labor to a minimum this weekend, except to go eat hot chicken at Prince's, and meat and three wherever we can find it.

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