Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year's Resolution: Vote Republicans Ot Of Office

Haven't been posting to this thing in a while. Life happens, y'know. Mea culpa. And with the holidays rushing along I decided to take a bit of a break; after all I was busy writing about glögg and champagne and drinking same. Either way I had a wonderful holiday season and I hope that the few and proud who visit here do so as, well. The house is clean and all evidence of unseemly behavior has been shredded.

Unlike our elected officials, that is. They just don't give a fuck. Just think what we'd find out if the Democrats had control of Congress and supoena power. Please read that link as it summarizes thoughts I've had and voiced on the Seasoning for a while now. The stakes are indeed high, with nothing but the fate of the Constitution at stake.

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