Thursday, September 01, 2005

From The Man Who Brought Us Disco Demolition...

The first tasteless humor about Hurricane Katrina by Steve Dahl.

Unbowed, Dahl waxes philosophic about Katrina on his weblog:

"And I blame the news media too. Everybody in New Orleans was told to evacuate, but when you see Anderson Cooper and all of those other idiots on TV standing out there in the storm, you think riding out the storm must be do-able.

"So what have we learned here form the lessons of 9/11? We were not prepared. We did not get people out of harm’s way. There is no adequate plan to rescue, house, clothe them, feed them, or even get them fresh water. We knew (even The Army Corps of Engineers knew) that the levee system in and around New Orleans was in need of repair, and that a major percentage of our domestic oil supply comes from and is refined in that region. Yet our nations’s big plan is for me to send some more money to the Red Cross. President Bush did fly over the disaster area at 5000 feet yesterday (that’s almost a mile above it). Nice photo op, though. Keep up the good work."

And the situation is dovetailing into anarchy as officials try to evacuate the Superdome, which, while it managed to survive Katrina battered but unbowed, is not the ideal place for a refugee camp. The president is slated to tour the area today, if only to give the impression that he isn't detached from the destruction, unlike some of his Cabinet members.

It's disheartening that we live in a country whose government has the sense of humor to laugh at a Monty Python satire but lacks the irony to realize it is one.

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