Thursday, January 01, 2009

Your Lebowski Moment of the Day

Bridgeport Tumbleweed
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Yes, that's a tumbleweed. In Bridgeport. On New Year's Eve.

So I'm finishing up making hoppin' john and chili for the game. Heading to a NYD party thrown by Adam Seger of Nacional 27. He calls it the "she killed it, he cooked it NYD party." Adam is a gifted cook and mixologist. I'm bringing reinforcements today because I could barely hang on last year.

Someone posted a recap of that party (emphasis added):

Adam Seger of *NACIONAL 27 * and Let Us Entertain you threw the craziest new year's day party ever last night (a few balthazar's of pinot noirs got opened and 4 cases of Veuve, 2 heritage Turkeys, 1 GIANT leg of lamb, 1 baby pig, 13 part pheasant gumbo, Duck fries, and homemade ice cream with Bourbon soaked cherries were served)

"100 ppl showed up and a 14 foot Christmas tree was picked up (and 5 gallons of water spilled on the Oriental carpet) then thrown out the 3rd story window by 5 hot guys and the police showed up to see why a tree fell on the sidewalk... around 12am.

"This is very inspiring b/c well.. debauchery is awesome and Chicago still has a chance to be cool."

I remember things kicking into overdrive when Adam pulled out a cane sugar knife and started sabering the tops off these magnums of Veuve. At that point I just retired to the kitchen, where I found a 21-year-old bottle of Buffalo Trace Rye.


Anonymous said...

Its on that dead end street now - 26th and Emerald. So weird! It looks like someone planted it there.

Kristy said...

its back! under the viaduct! did you see it today?