Sunday, December 07, 2008

Soul Santa

Daptone Records just put up their monthly podcast. This month they're featuring holiday music. The link the ever-resourceful Matt Wood linked to on Twitter redirected to iTunes. I don't use iTunes for podcast feeds; the load time and coding is proprietary only for iTunes. I use Winamp's SHOUTCAST subscription service for my podcasts. So I googled "Daptone Jukebox feed" and found this for anyone who also wants to download this without having to go through iTunes (link).

And now, the tracklisting:

1. Jing Jing A Ling ~ Honey and the Bees (Chess)
2. Merry Christmas, Baby ~ Otis Redding (Atco)
3. This Christmas~ Donny Hathaway (Atco)
4. Stevie Wonder Drop (Motown)
5. Snowflakes~ Betty Lloyd (Thomas)
6. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? ~ The Emotions (Volt)
7. The Gift of Giving ~ Bill Withers (Sussex)
8. Eddie Kendricks drop (Motown)
9. Soul Santa~ Funk Machine (Creative Funk)
10. Silent Night Chant~ Rotary Connection (Cadet Concept)
11. Christmas in Vietnam~ Private Charles Bowen (Rojac)
12. Let's Make This Christmas mean Something This Year ~ James Brown (King)
13. Without The One You Love ~ The O'Jays (Neptune)
14. Gwendolyn Berry (The Sisters Love) Drop
15. Let's Get It Together This Christmas ~ Harvey Averne Band (Fania)
16. Gee Whiz, It's Christmas ~ Carla Thomas (Atlantic)
17. Back Door Santa~ Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
18. I Wanna Spend Christmas With You ~ Lowell Fulsom (Kent)
19. Mr. Santa Claus (Bring Me My Baby)~ Nathaniel Mayer (Munster)
20. It's That Time of the Year ~ The Manhattans (Starfire)
21. Santa's Got A Bag of Soul ~ The Soul Saints Orch. (Jazzman)
22. Pull My Sled ~ Raindeer Runners (Soul Fire)
23. Merry Christmas Baby ~ Charles Brown & Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers (Hollywood)
24. Smokey Robinson Drop

That's the "No, my brother; you got to get your own" Christmas music mix.


QuietlyGoingMad said...

Santa's Got a Bag of Soul...think Simon's has that on the juke? I'm thinking it'd be a good addition to Gloggfest!

Life is Fabulous said...

Oh you are fabulous Chuck! I am adding songs as we speak to my blog and I had the boring everyday songs! Literally I had just hit a mental song block.

Li Bruno said...

Donnay Hathaway and Bill Withers ALWAYS = WIN.

"This Chritmas" is a childhood favorite.