Sunday, November 09, 2008

We Could Be in Green Bay

  • Never attend a craft beer festival on an empty stomach.
  • Always try on your snow pants before you buy them.
  • If you fall asleep on the couch watching a repeat of "Svengoolie," you deserve the infomercial that wakes you up at 4 a.m. Or worse, the Jay Mohr movie.
  • Turned out the lengthy walks both I and my dog walker neighbor took Emmy on this summer aggravated her pre-existing limp. Thank God there's nothing wrong structurally with her bones.
  • Spent Friday dividing time between the vet and Micro Center. Preferred the vet.
  • Spent Saturday cleaning out my hard drive of eight months worth of eMusic downloads. Still have another 6 GB to go.
  • I really did see a white kid on the Green line yesterday with "The only promise in life is death" tattooed on his skull and forehead. Guess he isn't a glass half-full guy.
  • The pork rillettes are coming, Lauren. Perfection takes time.
  • Fucking Bears. My Pop Warner team could get a better pass rush going.

1 comment:

QuietlyGoingMad said...

Aw Chuck, we could've hung out and watched Svengoolie together...thank god i went to sleep before that informercial/Mohr movie combo. Scarier than ANY svengoolie movie that could come upon me.